Anker ToughShell & GlassGaurd For iPhone6s Black Review

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Anker recent addition to its range of products is Anker ToughShell & GlassGaurd. It is a combo of a Screen Protector and Case. You get whole bunch of tools to install the Screen Protector, installation of Shell is pretty easy. Just you push the phone inside to the case. Please go through their manual for accurate installation steps.


Feel : Touch was awesome, Matte at the back & edges are guarded with a flexible material that absorbs shock during the drops. You will see all the Four edges has extra material to help protect the phone.


Size : Size was perfectly crafted to fit iPhone 6s. I was able to add the case with no effort. It just slides in. Also it did not make phone bulkier. Hardly couple of millimeters around each side.(Measurements are not very accurate but use this as a range).


Material :  Super Strong, I feel I can trust this will guard you phone against any fall. Very important characteristic of a case. You will see all the Four edges has extra material to help protect the phone.

Weight: I hardly notice any difference in phones weight after adding this case.

Bezel : This is very important for me. I used to keep the phone facing down during my meetings.I used to do it very carefully so It wont cause any damaged to the screen. Having a raised Bezel helps with this. Check out my Picture where I kept a pencil. You could see Jenga doesn’t touch the screen.


Ports :This case has Port opening for Power connector, Headphone Jack & Camera. Cut is so perfect. Lightning connector & head phone Jack fits in so easily. What I love about this case is it has a wider port so Anker’s Lightning cable also could fit. If you have used Anker’s cable you will know their lightning port is bigger to Apple’s. Camera has raised edge too, it is suppose to help you with glare. Have not really tested it.

Price :  For this price you are getting a combo. Totally cool.

Buttons are covered, you may have to use little extra force to add volume & lock because of material .You will get used to it after a day or two. Also Silent button on left is little hard to reach. But you get used to it.

Quick Video about the Product.

This review is based on a sample offered to me for test and evaluation, and I am offering a review that is fair and honest.

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Anker PowerCore+ 26800 is a PowerHouse

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This is my experience with Anker PowerCore+ 26800  a Portable Charger from Anker (Company Founded by Googlers, they have a stack of Amazing products) I am proud owner of 4 such products, all my cables and Charging solutions are Anker based.26800 is not a random number but 26800mAh that is provided by  this device.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800  is not one product but a Combo. Combo of Anker Quick Charge 2.0 18W USB Turbo USB Wall Charger and 26800mAh External Battery.

I already own Anker Astro E4 13000mAh Classic Portable Charger  for some time now. Which I really love and is a constant companion for me in vacations. Best part of this is multiple rounds of charge which is very helpful. This version PowerCore+ 26800 is a Power House. It is quite heavy @ 590 gms or 20.8 oz. As per the Product Description it is supposed to Charge iPhone 6 ten times, well worth the weight. I have not tested the number of charges yet. Will update the review once I test it.

Feel: Outer Cover is made of aluminum with Matte Finish. Edges are Laser cut looks very neat. LED indicator is arranged circularly. So Black Matte finish + Circular LED is a killer look.

Number of Charges: PowerCore+ 26800 is the world’s highest capacity portable charger with Quick Charge 2.0 technology. It charges the iPhone 6 ten times, the Galaxy S6 over seven times or the MacBook (2015) five times. I will test these specifications and let you know. Also you will charge PowerCore+ to full charge in 9 Hours with charged provided.

Power IQ Technology: It is an Anker’s technology that detects and adapts to your device’s unique Charging requirement. So it charges your device in a fastest and safest way possible.

Quick Charge Technology: In simple words Quick Charge 2.0 is an Innovative Fast Charge Technology from Company called Qualcomm who manufactures Snapdragon™ processors. Quick Charge technology charges your device faster compared to conventional charging adapters. As per QualComm official web page it takes about 30 mins for a device to reach from 0 to 60%. Qualcomm certificates these adapter, Green Color Logo in both PowerCore device & Charger means it is officially certified.  If you want know more about the Quick Charge read last section of my review.


Three in one: You are getting a cock tail of technologies. Anker’s PowerIQ Technology in all Ports + Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 in One Port & Quick Charge 2.0 Charger that can be used with Wall adapter.

  1. Worlds Highest Capacity Portable Charger.
  2. Portable Charger with QuickCharge 2.0 Port.
  3. Wall Charger with QuickCharge 2.0 Enabled.

Anker’s Magic: Best feature is Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 in a Power bank. Out of 3 ports one with a Green Logo is Quick Charge Enabled. Based on the Qualcomm website Anker is one of the two providers providing this option. Other one doesn’t seems to be a promising provider. That makes Anker as one of the exclusive provider. Ability to charge on the move + charge faster is awesome combination. Enabling Quick Charge 2.0 in a Power Bank is a brilliant idea I would say. You can always manage to find a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled Adapter when you are at home or at work. Having a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled power bank which lets you Charge your device on the move is the most convenient thing and Highlight of PowerCore+.

Ease of Use: To begin charge connect your device and click on the power wheel. PowerCore+ automatically switches off once the device is fully charged or device is disconnected. Quick Charge adapter lights turn green when charging and Blue with it is just plugged and not connected to Power Core+.

Note to Samsung / Snapdragon Processor based device Owners: You gain most advantage out of this because your device can be charged in the fastest time. Make sure you use the Quick Charge 2.0 Enabled port and Company provided / Anker’s Cable to charge the device. You can also Charge your device directly connecting to Quick Charge 2.0 enabled Adapter.

Note to Apple Users: Unfortunately Apple’s devices are not powered by Snapdragon processors so like me you won’t be able to utilize Quick Charge 2.0. This does not mean you cannot use the device. You can still charge your device and utilize PowerIQ this helps you charge the device much faster than other cables.

Quick Charge Technology EXPLAINED:

Charging involves three parts.

  1. Your Device: Typically smartphone or tablet. (This needs to have Snapdragon processor to utilize Quick Charge Technology).
  2. Power Source (Power bank/ Wall Adapter): This is typically your Adapter or a power bank. (Qualcomm certified).
  3. Cable: Cable that connects Power source & device.


To fully utilize Quick Charge 2.0 technology your device should have a Snapdragon processor (list of current devices with Snapdragon processor). Quick charge 2.0 enabled Adapter. If you don’t have one of these then with PowerCore you will still gain PowerIQ that help to charge faster. As per QualComm website by no means it affects life-cycle of battery or your device.

Here is a 90 Second Video

This review is based on a sample offered to me for test and evaluation, and I am offering a review that is fair and honest.

SharePoint 2013 business data web parts missing

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Like you I was puzzled because Business Data Web Part was Missing in our SharePoint 2013 Farm. We did all that is required for these web parts to show.

  1. Our Farm License is Enterprise License
  2. SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features” is activated at the Site Collection level
  3. We even tried activating Enterprise Site Collection Feature from Central Administration Central Administration > Operation > Upgrade and Migration > Enable Enterprise Features.
  4. Though we got a Category “Business Data” Only Indicator web part was listed there.
  5. We again tried to activate BizAppsSiteTemplate   Enable-SPFeature “4248E21F-A816-4c88-8CAB-79D82201DA7B” -URL http://<your-site&gt;
  6. Still no luck.

After activating SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features , I could see .webpart and dwp files in Web Part Gallery.

So I guessed the issue is no about the missing Feature but some Sort of security filtering. A quick look at the WebPartAdder class in reflector confirmed my theory (Web Part list is rendered based on Licencing), Though we have enterprise licencing, I remember we added a new set of Licencing to our Farm for our Office Web Apps Installation.

So I turned to powershell and ran this command, which listed all Licenses we have

PS C:\Users> Get-SPUserLicense


Then when I ran Get-SPUserLicenseMapping, I figured OfficeWebAppsEdit was set to the Farm for Domain Users, I guess this happened when we were configuring Office Web Apps. Sp I tried adding Enterprise License to all Domain Users using following command. Which fixed the issues.

$a = New-SPUserLicensing -SecurityGroup “Domain Users” -license Enterprise

Add-SPUserLicenseMapping -mapping $a

Hope this helps someone.

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One or more ActiveX Controls could not be displayed–InfoPath Ink Control Not working

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Today I was debugging an error in InfoPath Form, in particular InfoPath 2010 installed in an typical SharePoint Farm. Error was more generic and could deviating you from actual solution.

Error was

One or more ActiveX Controls could not be displayed because either:

1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or
2) You have blocked a publisher of one of the controls.

As a result, the page might not display correctly.


With this when you start you will obvious end up in links that will suggest some registry changes. And few links suggest you add web URL as trusted Site etc. After all these you will see the issue still.

After few tries you may change the query to see “Ink Control not working” which will lead you to results of articles taking about Ink Control not supported in browser enabled InfoPath forms.

At this point I figured, that It was something related to missing ActiveX control, Usually when you have Custom ActiveX control you need to deploy it to the system that will fill InfoPath forms, refer this link for details.But Ink Control is out of the box control and it should be part of system that has InfoPath Installed.

That is when I figured out that Ink Control is not for regular PC but it is intended to be used by Tablet PC users. So in fact error is right InfoPath filler could not locate the Ink Control Active X dll. How do we fix it, easy Install the Ink Control, which is part of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit 1.7. Once you Install InfoPath with Ink Control will just work fine.

Couple of take away here.

  1. You cannot expect end user system to have this SDK installed nor it is a corrective measure.
  2. Reason I said it is not a corrective measure is because of the fact, Ink Control was to help user draw something , not  to capture user signature (what most people think and use this for)
  3. Refer this to see an example of how it is used also Microsoft suggest that we use Digital signature not Ink Control for capturing Signature (because of security).
  4. If you have a pressing need then you can package the ActiveX control and deploy as part of the solution.

Let me know your thoughts.

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New Release

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Yes, on eighteenth October of two thousand nine, my wife and me blessed with a baby girl. We had named her Diya. Last two weeks was very though as they both had few complication after birth, and by god grace it all went well now. So not to mention now I have an added responsibility.Definitely it is a different feeling to be a dad. Here is how she looks.


Diya I know some day you will read this Post and I wanted to let you know that as always I  love you so much.

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Join Two Array – Zipping

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Last week I had a requirement where I need to Join two array,there was no relation that I could use to  join LINQ.

Int32[] iArrayOne = {12,34,45,89};

String[] sArrayTwo= { “Value1”,”value2”,”value3”,”Value4”}

Later which I posted a question in SO,in fact it was not possible directly in LINQ.Eric has written a Post that solves my requirement. Yes the operation is termed as Zipping. Until .NET 4.0 we need to use the below snippet to achieve it and starting 4.0 we will have that function as part of the .NET.

public static IEnumerable<TResult> Zip<TFirst, TSecond, TResult>
(this IEnumerable<TFirst> first,
IEnumerable<TSecond> second,
Func<TFirst, TSecond, TResult> resultSelector)
if (first == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("first");
if (second == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("second");
if (resultSelector == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("resultSelector");
return ZipIterator(first, second, resultSelector);

private static IEnumerable<TResult> ZipIterator<TFirst, TSecond, TResult>
(IEnumerable<TFirst> first,
IEnumerable<TSecond> second,
Func<TFirst, TSecond, TResult> resultSelector)
using (IEnumerator<TFirst> e1 = first.GetEnumerator())
using (IEnumerator<TSecond> e2 = second.GetEnumerator())
while (e1.MoveNext() && e2.MoveNext())
yield return resultSelector(e1.Current, e2.Current);
Zipping operation is defined as   var qry = from row in iArrayOne.Zip(sArrayTwo, (temp1, temp2) => 
new { ArrayObject1 = temp1, ArrayObject2 = temp2 })
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SharePoint Getting Started

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Few weeks back I saw a question in the Stackoverflow. The question was How to start learning SharePoint. Well at first it seem simple, I couldn’t get an answer straight away. I did a Google but no luck all links I landed up was about some SharePoint books. The user who posted the question specifically mentioned that he doesn’t want go through books to get the hold of it. Well I am of the same kind I hate going through 500+ pages books. Finally I answer the question on how I learnt SharePoint. Below is my answer for the question.

First step is to get created with a SharePoint site, from your System admin.

If you are the one who need to kick start the SharePoint. Then follow the steps and for each of the steps you can find ample number of links using Google

  1. Install SharePoint and Configure it.
  2. Create a Site Collection
  3. Go to the Site and in the Right Corner you will find a Menu called Site Settings
  4. Select that and play around with each and every options out there.
  5. Most of the options can be understood by the Name
  6. If you struck up some where come to SO or Start over again.
  7. Make sure that you always ask the question why this behaves this way & why this implemented this way.
  8. Try creating pages Same Site Settings Menu has option to create page.
  9. There is some thing called Web Part which is actually a Pluggable component UI/ functionally which can be customized as per the user needs.
  10. Try using those web parts (Lost of Out of the Box)
  11. Later move in to Web Part development,create your own, deploy it
  12. Start using the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll to access the SharePoint site using you custom code.

To give you a brief description.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.

  1. I call it as Application development platform
  2. For anything you wanted to do there will be a option directly / indirectly in SharePoint
  3. Basically it is a Web Application built on top of ASP.NET 2.0
  4. Main entry point to it is an Web Application (Central Administration Site) you get this once you install SharePoint.
  5. This is where you can Create Web Application (Nothing but a Site in the IIS & Content DB)
  6. Yes you read it right Database,SharePoint stores all its content in Database
  7. Web Application is directly not usable (Its like empty DB and Empty IIS site) you need to have some content to be display to the user.
  8. Then Site collection comes, it give content to the User.You need to at least create Site collection under Web Application (Through Central Admin).
  9. While Creating Site Collection you will be provided with a Site Template (Template is nothing but a Blue print sort of thing that will dictate what your site will look like and what it have) there are template For Project Management,Bug Tracking (has options to track Bug, kind of basic infrastructure that will be needed in any Bug Tracking system).
  10. Next level is Sub site, under site collection you can have Site( here too you have an option to select the template), and under that Site you can have another Sub Site so on.
  11. And there is another important thing in SharePoint called List, its a similar to Table in SQL server but not exactly same (because list content are internally stored in SQL Tables), and List contains Fields (Similar to Column in Table). You can use them to store your custom data. While creating the list also you will have Templates (Say for example to Represent a Announcement you have a template, this will have all the fields that are needed to represent announcement)
  12. And you have a Option to Create your own List Structure as well.
  13. There is a special kind of List in SharePoint called Document Library which can store documents.
  14. One final thing Security, managing Security is out of the Box. You can control who has access to you Site and what they can Access (Only Announcement , only Published documents) and what they can do with the item (Edit/Read-only/Delete) etc.
  15. You can create fine grained permission as you wish.


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