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SharePoint Role Definition / Permission levels

December 10, 2008 Leave a comment

    By default SharePoint has list of predefined Role Definitions that gets created during the site creation. If you want to create Additional Role Definitions you can do so by navigating to the Site Permission page and selecting Permission Levels from the Action menu. There will also be cases where we might need to create them programmatically. Here (Please use Save Target as option to down load the file) you can find a small project that creates permission levels programmatically.

    I have created this utility, to give more option to the user that is not available/easy in the SharePoint UI. But the one attached here is at very beginning stage; it just does what SP UI does, you can use it to learn how to create Permission levels programmatically. Will update the code once I add more options to it.


My First MOSS Project is Live

December 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Today morning, my mentor, friend, brother [Will update moreJ] Senthil Sathyamoorthi called me for my surprise and informed that the project in which I was part of in the previous Organization went live. I was so happy and emotional to find my name in the comments. I browsed through all the pages in the site, recollecting the days we worked, fun we had hurdles we faced.

    The reason why am so existed is that it was my first MOSS 2007 project, that started when MOSS 2007 was in Beta 2, and evolved through the migration path Beta2->B2TR->RTM.It used Web Content Management feature of MOSS 2007.We learnt so much out of it especially for me it was a great learning that laid a foundation for what I am now.

    Though it has been completed a year back, just now it is getting released am unaware of the reason for the delay. Here is the list of people, who were part of it and my thanks to all of them

  • Rajesh Mouli (My Manager)
  • Roxy (Manager)
  • Shahid Banday (Nice and Cool guy to work with)
  • Vijay Nats (Cool guy)
  • Santosh (Graphic Designer – I was bugging him a lot)
  • Nagammai ( One who kept searching for Bugs all the time)
  • Hari (Tech Lead guidance for the integration part)
  • Edwin (BizTalk expert)
  • Sayee ( Directory – IT)
  • There are others to whom I am not directly worked (UI designer, Project sponser, CEO, Operations head, Interns….)
  • Senthil (Sanjay) & Ramesh – Who helped me in the Initial stage of the project when I got struck up with ASP.NET issues; they thought me some core concepts of ASP.NET.

Here is the link                 

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