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Silverlight & Dual Authentication – FBA

           This week in reply to my post Chris wrote a comment that, he tried out the Helloworld Silverlight from CodePlex site. While he was able to get the WebPart working in the default site, Webpart seems to have problem with the FBA version of the site (Extended one). I just tried out the same example and in my case the extended application I used was not based on Forms but Windows itself. The issue with this is when you extend the web application; new web.config file is copied to the extended application which lacks the entire configuration that SilverLight needs. To solve this issue immediately after you extend the Web Application replace the extended web applications web.config file with the one in the Default site, by this you will have all the setting as in the default site and then you can change the Extended web applications web.config to have FBA / your Provider configured.

        You can get the Sample Web.Config file for Silverlight from this post.

        Great article on Dual Authentication from Andrew.

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