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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Sneak Peek

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

    Microsoft has announced the technical Preview for the SharePoint 2010.It is a limited invitation only. But we can have a Sneak Peek of what will be available in the SharePoint 2010.

    Watch the videos in the site, to give you some velocity here is the pictures and highlights from the sneak peek.


  • New Ribbon based UI
  • Support for Silverlight Web parts
  • Rich Theming (Allows you to change the Skin of the SharePoint site to similar to the Office Client)
  • Revamped Central Admin Design.
  • Visual Upgrade (Option to upgrade the 2007 site to 2010 without any UI changes) to change the UI to 2010 it’s a flip of the Switch.
  • Cool tools included in the Visual Studio 2010.(Visual Webpart designer, BCS Designer, Complete integrated option for developing Solutions)
  • LINQ Support.(Implementation of LINQ in SharePoint)
  • Developer Dashboard ( new dashboard for the developer that will help to view the Page loads, SP Request for the page, Web Part events stack etc)
  • Business Connectivity Services (Yes BDC has been renamed and now it supports Read & write as well)
  • External List (This is similar to List but the data are fetched from BCS)
  • Client Object Model (You have Client API to access the SharePoint list using Javascript)

Some more information in the Links from Reza and Info about the Office 2010 Products


SharePoint Platform & Data Storage

July 8, 2009 Leave a comment


    Yesterday I attended a Microsoft webcast on how they have implemented the IT Web (Microsoft’s Intranet) which was in SharePoint. I have captured few points that highlighted tips on the SharePoint Platform and the Data Storage (To List or not to List). Please find the Screen clip of the Presentation. One another nice thing is they have used Content Query Web Part also they have customized it and named it as Content Query Web Part Override I didn’t get the location for it.[May be I will update link once I get it] basically it had couple missing pieces in the out of the box CQWP, like add the view fields in the Toolpart etc,editing the CAML query etc.


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