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It all started three+ years back a point of time when I was nurtured enough to find the information I wanted through Internet search, be it technical or general some way or the other I land up in a blog. Specifically that time SharePoint 2007 was in beta and there was very limited information over internet on the subject, As I saw most of the blog from the SharePoint Product team I was in a perception that blogs are meant to them, Later which I came to know about Blogspot which allows you to have your personal blog, I started one, but as there were so much to learn in SharePoint and have to spent all of my time in R & D to get the things working for my First ever Web CMS site based on SharePoint 2007, which was almost ready when the SharePoint RTM came out. I didn’t find time to update my blog. Another thing I hate about blog is the Editor I didn’t like the editor provided by the Blogspot as it is so small and was not able to type the content with ease. I didn’t know about the tools (Word 2007 / Live writer ) that will help you to do that with ease. Later I got inspired with WordPress for the rich set of tool it provide and the full screen functionality, which is when I started this.I was kind of used to update the blog at least twice a month.

As I started more blogging, I saw some pain points.Wordpress is pretty good at what they do and one limitation I was so concerned with the WordPress/Blogspot is that I don’t have more control on the template and the layout.I wanted to have more control on the website layout. I wanted to have more space for my content and it should be presentable to the user who is reading it. Soon I decided to have a blog for my own. I wanted it to be flexible enough I ran through couple of options, upgrade my WordPress account, but it wont allow me to change the layout even If I upgrade, also WordPress is running on PHP, I wanted my blog to running in something from Microsoft stack, ASP.NET. I was impressed by the theme used by Reza but then it was based on PHP WordPress. I finally know what my blog should look like but I didn’t know how to search for that template. Later I came across Tim site and it was running on ASP.NET. I mailed him and got the information that he uses Subtext Project as the blog engine. I then found that the theme used by Reza was inove from WordPress. Last weekend I spent whole time to get the theme applied in the Subtext. Next item was to chose a good provider and buy a host name. Lot of options, I was looking at everydns for getting a host name for free and net4 to host my site, but everydns didn’t work for some reason and net4 site is itself slow, It didn’t look good. Finally I got all under ZnetIndia, customer support is so cool and got complete thing wired with in 1 Hour. I had to setup the subtext with IIS 7 as you need to configure the App Pool to run in  the Integrated Classic more else you will end up in httpModule issue.

And after all this here is what it looks like. Thanks for reading it through so far and I would like to have a comment if you have one on my blog. I will be happy to share this site theme, if you want  just leave me a comment. Also I have planned to concentrate only on SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint and bit of .NET & ASP.NET.

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