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SharePoint 2013 business data web parts missing

Like you I was puzzled because Business Data Web Part was Missing in our SharePoint 2013 Farm. We did all that is required for these web parts to show.

  1. Our Farm License is Enterprise License
  2. SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features” is activated at the Site Collection level
  3. We even tried activating Enterprise Site Collection Feature from Central Administration Central Administration > Operation > Upgrade and Migration > Enable Enterprise Features.
  4. Though we got a Category “Business Data” Only Indicator web part was listed there.
  5. We again tried to activate BizAppsSiteTemplate   Enable-SPFeature “4248E21F-A816-4c88-8CAB-79D82201DA7B” -URL http://<your-site&gt;
  6. Still no luck.

After activating SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features , I could see .webpart and dwp files in Web Part Gallery.

So I guessed the issue is no about the missing Feature but some Sort of security filtering. A quick look at the WebPartAdder class in reflector confirmed my theory (Web Part list is rendered based on Licencing), Though we have enterprise licencing, I remember we added a new set of Licencing to our Farm for our Office Web Apps Installation.

So I turned to powershell and ran this command, which listed all Licenses we have

PS C:\Users> Get-SPUserLicense


Then when I ran Get-SPUserLicenseMapping, I figured OfficeWebAppsEdit was set to the Farm for Domain Users, I guess this happened when we were configuring Office Web Apps. Sp I tried adding Enterprise License to all Domain Users using following command. Which fixed the issues.

$a = New-SPUserLicensing -SecurityGroup “Domain Users” -license Enterprise

Add-SPUserLicenseMapping -mapping $a

Hope this helps someone.

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