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Anker ToughShell & GlassGaurd For iPhone6s Black Review

Anker recent addition to its range of products is Anker ToughShell & GlassGaurd. It is a combo of a Screen Protector and Case. You get whole bunch of tools to install the Screen Protector, installation of Shell is pretty easy. Just you push the phone inside to the case. Please go through their manual for accurate installation steps.


Feel : Touch was awesome, Matte at the back & edges are guarded with a flexible material that absorbs shock during the drops. You will see all the Four edges has extra material to help protect the phone.


Size : Size was perfectly crafted to fit iPhone 6s. I was able to add the case with no effort. It just slides in. Also it did not make phone bulkier. Hardly couple of millimeters around each side.(Measurements are not very accurate but use this as a range).


Material :  Super Strong, I feel I can trust this will guard you phone against any fall. Very important characteristic of a case. You will see all the Four edges has extra material to help protect the phone.

Weight: I hardly notice any difference in phones weight after adding this case.

Bezel : This is very important for me. I used to keep the phone facing down during my meetings.I used to do it very carefully so It wont cause any damaged to the screen. Having a raised Bezel helps with this. Check out my Picture where I kept a pencil. You could see Jenga doesn’t touch the screen.


Ports :This case has Port opening for Power connector, Headphone Jack & Camera. Cut is so perfect. Lightning connector & head phone Jack fits in so easily. What I love about this case is it has a wider port so Anker’s Lightning cable also could fit. If you have used Anker’s cable you will know their lightning port is bigger to Apple’s. Camera has raised edge too, it is suppose to help you with glare. Have not really tested it.

Price :  For this price you are getting a combo. Totally cool.

Buttons are covered, you may have to use little extra force to add volume & lock because of material .You will get used to it after a day or two. Also Silent button on left is little hard to reach. But you get used to it.

Quick Video about the Product.

This review is based on a sample offered to me for test and evaluation, and I am offering a review that is fair and honest.

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